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Why is a hydraulic or electric operating table better than a manual operating table?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-08-18 17:39:00

The characteristics of hydraulic and electric operating tables vary by surgical specialization. For example, a general surgical table can be used for minor procedures and can be adapted to other surgical procedures with the support of accessories, including plastic, bladder, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, and more. Operating tables for special surgeries can be differentiated by specific configurations. For orthopaedic procedures, professional orthopedic tables with orthopedic attachments are preferred. These devices come with traction frames, leg rests and more to efficiently move patients during surgery. The gynecological operating table should be easily positioned or recumbent with leg rests and more accessories.


Whether hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or electric operating table, nowdays, surgeons like nothing better than comfort at work during surgery. This is facilitated by automatic control of certain features. Automatic control can only be achieved if a control panel is included in an electrically supported device. Manual varieties do not have automatic control features, which may affect the attention of the surgeon during the procedure. As the medical technology field advances and surgeons and patients pay more attention to comfort and safety factors, hydraulic and electric varieties are in increased demand in hospitals around the world.


Power control sources for operating various Settings (including table movement, height adjustment, table tilt, etc.) help simplify surgical tasks without distracting the surgeon. This function can be used for electric hydraulic operating table. The movement of the table can be easily controlled with the help of a remote control that facilitates the function of the electric actuator. For example, the comprehensive operation table includes general surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, neurology, urology, gynecology, proctology, laparoscopy, trauma surgery, plastic surgery and so on. The device comes with a remote control for easy height adjustment, lateral tilt, longitudinal slide, forward tilt, bending and reflective positioning, and much more motion and functionality. Non-reflective surfaces are antibacterial and easy to clean.