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What kind of operating bed should the 3 million RMB G-arm be equipped with?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2020-01-08 14:37:00

G-arm is only mobile digital X-ray fluorescence system for biplane (frontal and lateral) imaging in the world. It monitors the entire orthopedic surgery process in real time from the anteroposterior and lateral views, and can accurately perform surgical positioning and reduction without rotating G-arm. The surgical effect of G-arm is very significant: compared with C-arm, it shorts the operation time at least 40% (such as locking nails can be completed within 1 minute). Accordingly, the anesthesia time of the patient is shortened, reducing the risk of surgical anesthesia. During the operation, the medical staff needn’t rotate and move G-arm, so the entire operation is in a sterile state.

The G-arm is very good, and of course the price is super expensive. For example, the G-arm from Sweden BIPLANAR won the bid price of 2.965 million yuan in China market. 

As new star in the imaging industry, G-arm produced by Beijing Whale   Imaging Inc. has caught up with imported brands in technology, and surpassed Swedish brands in some core technologies. 

Depending on its advanced technology, reasonable price and comprehensive technical support, Whale G-arm has been recognized by many domestic three-level A hospitals, and the installed capacity has continued to increase.

Because G-arm is top-end, the hospital needs to be equipped with a top-end operating bed when purchasing G-arm, which has high requirements on the performance and perspective effect of the operating bed.

1. The eccentric column design of the operating table has a large perspective area, and intraoperative perspective can be completed without translation.

2. The bed board of the operating bed is made of carbon fiber material, and the perspective effect is excellent.

3. The operating bed control system is electro-hydraulic, with stable operation, little after-sales maintenance, safe and reliable.

4. The height of the base of the operating bed is lower than 13CM, which is convenient for inserting G-arm perspective.

5.The operating bed is equipped with suspended traction frame or carbon fiber traction frame to complete orthopedic surgery.


HE-608M eccentric column operating table from Howell Medical Co., Ltd. can perfectly match and cooperate with Whale G-arm, to provide first-class surgical environment for orthopedic surgeons in many domestic hospitals.

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