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What accessories can multifunctional orthopedic operation Table be compatible with?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2020-04-15 17:14:00

Today I’d like introduce to you the accessories for orthopedic traction surgery. Usually, What we know the most is orthopedic lower limbs surgery. The commonest accessory is orthopedic lower limbs traction frame during lower limbs surgery , which can meet hip surgery and knee surgery. Next, I will show you a few pictures so that you can understand more after seeing them .

The above pictures are all real pictures of carbon fiber material traction frame. When it is used with G arm machine, staff do not need to move the machine, and still achieve the perspective effect without occlusion.

Orthopedic Traction Frame

Orthopedic operating bed can not only complete the requirements of lower limb surgery, but also can complete the requirements of spine surgery after matching the accessories of spine surgery.

Carbon Fiber Wilson Surgery Frame
When the orthopedic surgery bed is selected the beach chair position, shoulder surgery can be performed, and the bed plate on both sides of the shoulder can be removed separately, there is a head support with fixed function.

Beach Chair Shoulder Positioner

The above shared with you is the accessories used in various departments of surgery. There are more operating room accessories to not mentioned yet , we will share with you in future.