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A Hospital Carrying Out Spine Surgical Bought A 3D C-arm, Why Do You Need A Dedicated Operating Table?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2020-10-14 11:09:00

If a hospital wants to carry out spinal surgery, it must change to new equipment, so that the operation is more efficient and more beneficial.

Then we will first buy a C-arm machine, a better 3D C-arm, such as Siemens or Philips, or Chinese brands PERLOVE, Kam are very good.

Secondly, as for the operating table, we usually use the existing one, which is also considered to save the hospital's expenses. Many hospital leaders think so, but please read my article, you will definitely persuade the director to purchase a professional operating table.

If your hospital uses an ordinary small C-arm machine, there is really no need to change the special operating table.

But if you purchase a 3D C-arm, it is very necessary to have a professional spine surgery table, otherwise the 3D C-arm cannot fully utilize its advantages.

Picture as below
G-arm OT Table

The 3D C-arm on the picture can be rotated, from the frontal position to the lateral position, with continuous irradiation in the middle.

Ordinary operating beds have metal frames, so 3D C-arms are not used.

If you want to rotate in 3D, you need to use a carbon fiber operating table without a frame, and X-rays can be completely transmitted.
C-Arm OT Table

It can be seen from these two pictures that the special operating table used with the 3D C-arm has no metal frame, including the upper body support part, which is made of carbon fiber, which is convenient for X-rays.

At the same time, such an operating bed is also very convenient to perform spine surgery, with its own spine surgery bracket, which is convenient for body position, very convenient, and saves operation time.

Carbon Fiber Operating Table

Seeing those, I believe you already have some understanding of the professional spine operating table, please decide whether to purchase it according to the situation of your own hospital.